Are you looking for a smoker that will give your food that perfect smoky flavor? Then you’re going to want to check out a propane smoker. Propane smokers are ideal for smoking meats and fish, and they can reach the high temperatures needed to create that delicious smoked flavor. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best propane smokers on the market. We’ll also give you some tips on how to use a propane smoker and what types of foods are best suited for smoking. So if you’re ready to get started with smoking, read on!


Top 7 Best propane smokers


Masterbuilt MB 20051316:best overall

Masterbuilt MB20051316 Propane Smoker is perfect for the beginner or experienced smoker. Temperature sensor controls burner to maintain the desired temperature, ensuring perfectly smoked food every time. The safety valve shuts off the burner if the flame is extinguished, preventing dangerous flare-ups. The tank fuel level gauge indicates the amount of propane in the tank, so you never run out of fuel while smoking. Four chrome-coated smoking racks provide plenty of space to smoke a variety of foods at once.


15,750 BTU stainless steel burner

Masterbuilt’s Propane Smoker is the only smoker that features a patented, thermostatically controlled system. This allows you to set one temperature and forget it. The Masterbuilt smoker will maintain your desired temperature without any monitoring or adjusting. The 4 chrome-coated smoking racks provide 961 sq inches of cooking space for an ample amount of food. It also includes a water pan for added moisture and flavor, plus a meat thermometer for perfect results every time. 


Heavy-duty and spacious

enough room to put 2 racks of ribs on EACH shelf

Easy to assemble

Amazing temperature control

Has space for wood chips. 

It is easy to clean with the ash catcher and aluminum pans.

The smoker comes with wheels for easy movement.


There may be a learning curve

Dyna-Glo DGY 784 : best value

This Dyna-Glo vertical LP gas smoker is perfect for the backyard BBQ enthusiast. The porcelain enameled steel wood chip box and water bowl make it easy to add your favorite wood chips and water, while the double-door design provides greater heating/smoking control.

With sliding air dampers on top and sides, you can choose your desired smoked/cooking heat level. Csa certified this smoker comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


A total of 784-square inches of cooking space for smoked flavored foods. 4 adjustable steel wire racks

A 15,000 BTU cast iron burner with an electronic push button ignition, and a large control dial

The large capacity water bowl and 15,000 BTU cast iron burner to ensure juicy, tender meats with maximum smoke flavor.

The temperature gauge features a “smoke zone” which indicates the ideal temperatures for infusing smoke flavor. The large wood chip box is made with heavy gauge, porcelain-enameled steel for hours of maintenance-free cooking.


great value for the price

large capacity with moveable shelves

solid construction

easy refueling without opening the cooking space

instructions are straightforward.

Great for smoking Boston butts, steak, chicken, turkey, turkey breast, and vegetables


The water pan is small

Broil King 923617: best high end

The Broil King 923617 Smoke™ Vertical Natural Gas Cabinet Smoker is a new addition to the popular line of Broil King smokers.

This smoker features 770 sq. In. Total cooking space, four adjustable stainless steel cooking grids, sure-lite electronic ignition system, adjustable roto-draft cast aluminum damper system, and two rugged steel doors with gasket premium latch system.

The Smoke gas model has a large capacity water pan and an easy-access ash drawer for convenient cleanup. 


15, 000 BTU stainless Steel burner output 770 sq. In./ 4, 968 sq. Cm. Total cooking space four cubic feet total cooking capacity

This smoker has four adjustable stainless steel cooking grids, an adjustable multi-purpose rib/roast rack, and an adjustable roto-draft cast aluminum damper system with chrome coating.

The extra large stainless steel water bowl and smoker tray can hold up to 16 pounds of food, and the four sturdy tool hooks make it easy to keep your tools close at hand. The three heavy-duty door handles make it easy to open your smoker

This smoker is made with two rugged steel doors, a heavy-duty charcoal tray, and four leveling feet with two rear easy-move wheels, making it easy to transport your smoker wherever you need to go. The double-walled steel construction and premium epoxy high-heat paint make this smoker durable and easy to clean


Sturdy and well-made, with double-thick walls to help maintain internal temperature.

has two doors and comes with door gaskets for a tight seal.

Once you reach operating temp, it takes very little fuel to maintain it because the compartment is so airtight.

Double-walled inside (no insulation) keeps the temperature constant

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easy to assemble with an electric screwdriver.

Double doors allow adding chips or water without affecting the smoking chamber.


Pans do not have handles

Best Budget: Cuisinart COS-244

Looking for a smoker that’s fun and easy to use? The Cuisinart COS-244 Vertical Propane Smoker with Temperature & Smoke Control is perfect for anyone who loves to barbecue.

This compact smoker has a footprint that’s perfect for patios and smaller barbecue kitchens, and it’s easy to set up – just attach the included hose and regulator to a standard propane tank.

You can cook all kinds of food in this smoker, including vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, ribs, seafood, fish, large cuts of meat, and whole birds.


14 x 14 inch removable stainless steel shelves.

Built-in thermometer.

Roomy 5.45 square feet of interior space.

The vertical footprint makes it easy to store, and four 14 x 14-inch removable stainless steel shelves provide plenty of space to smoke whole birds or large cuts of meat. The built-in thermometer on the front door ensures accessible internal temperature monitoring.

 The two access doors and a rear vent can be opened or closed to control the amount of heat and smoke exiting the oven. An adjustable gas supply gives control over the amount of heat, while an easy-to-read temperature gauge displays your current temperature.

Cuisinart’s COS-244 Vertical Propane Smoker has four cooking grates that are removable for easy cleaning and a drip pan that slides out from under the unit for even easier cleanup

This vertical propane smoker from Cuisinart is perfect for the griller who wants temperature and smoke control.

The porcelain enameled steel tray holds the wood chips and water, making clean-up a breeze, while the 40-inch hose and regulator attachment make it easy to connect to a standard propane tank. 


 instructions are easy to read

Simple and easy to clean

decent size for a good quality cook

extremely cost-effective

water pan and charcoal pan are good sized


there are gaps at the door for smoke to escape

it’s not going to take a full rack of ribs

Best vertical propane smoker for Ribs: Dyna-Glo DGW1235BDP-D 36″ Wide Body LP Gas Smoker

Dyna-Glo’s DGW1235BDP 36″ Wide Body LP Gas Smoker is the perfect smoker for you. It accommodates a variety of meats and different sizes and types of food. The four height-adjustable cooking grates allow you to cook different foods at different temperatures, making it perfect for beginners and pros alike.

The smoker also features an advanced thermometer system with fully integrated probes that monitor internal meat temp as well as pit temperature, so you can control your smokehouse experience like never before.


20,000 Total BTUs, Dual Cast Iron Burners

4 adjustable cooking grates

TOTAL 1,235 square Inch of cooking space

The Dyna-Glo DGW1235BDP-D 36″ Wide Body LP Gas Smoker is a versatile, easy-to-use smoker that will be the focal point of your backyard. The large capacity water bowl allows you to add more moisture for juicy, tender meat and maximum smoke flavor.

The 15,000 BTU cast iron burner provides enough power to heat up the entire smoking chamber while the temperature gauge features a “smoke zone” which indicates the ideal temperatures for infusing smoke flavor. 

The large wood chip box will provide hours of smoking without having to worry about maintenance. Made with heavy gauge, porcelain enameled steel, this smoker is easy to use and easy to clean.


Large capacity with moveable shelves

Solid construction

The chimney damper is adjustable and the doors seal well.

easy to assemble with clear instructions.

maintain 250-275 with no problem

Rack levels are easily moved to accommodate a variety of items

great for smoking ribs, sausage, and other meats.


The drip pan is small

Best Portable: Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker, Roaster, and Grill at Amazon

Looking for a smoker, roaster, and grill all in one? Look no further than the Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill.

This product features Char-Broil’s TRU-Infrared cooking technology, ensuring even cooking with no flare-ups.

You’ll be able to smoke, roast or grill your favorite foods on the 180 square-inch grill grate–perfect for large cuts of meat or multiple items at once.


temperature control from 9,000 to 18,000 BTU’s

180 square inches of cooking area for grilling

with a 1200 square inch smoking and roasting basket that will accommodate large cuts of meat, up to a 21 lb turkey, and with the TRU Infrared cooking system, you’ll get that great, oil-less fried turkey taste- crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.

With a 180 square inch TRU Infrared Grilling Surface, the removable grill grate is ideal for grilling your favorite foods such as burgers, chops, steaks, chicken, and veggies

Simply connect to a standard liquid propane tank, turn one knob on, and turn the other knob to light the unit.

The removable grease tray makes cleanup a breeze, and the steel legs keep the unit stable and off the ground. The side-mounted smoker box allows you to add wood chips without having to open the lid.

Use your favorite chips- apple, cherry, hickory, pecan, or mesquite- to add authentic smoke flavor to your food.

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includes many convenient features, such as two carrying handles, a smoker box, a metal thermometer, and a product guide.


great grill that can do it all.

has infrared heat and can cook multiple items at once.

Best all-around BBQ/Roaster/Smoker


cook quickly and evenly, retaining moisture for juicy, flavorful meat.


some parts of the instructions are difficult to understand. 

Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24” – Best Natural Gas

This Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24″ Vertical Smoker is perfect for smoking ribs, a whole turkey, or even baked pies. It has fully adjustable heat-control dials, three damper valves, and a door thermometer to help you control internal temperatures throughout the cooking process. Cooking temperatures can vary from 160° F to 350° F, making it the perfect smoker for a variety of foods.


Total Output: 18,000 BTUs/Hr

 It has two adjustable smoking racks and a jerky smoking rack, so you can smoke a variety of meats at once. The water pan helps keep the meat moist, and the three adjustable damper valves let you control the heat. The door thermometer makes it easy to monitor the temperature, and the protected burner drum ensures even heat distribution. Plus, the included cooking tips, ideas, and recipes make it easy to get started.


perfect for the frequent, mid-range volume smoker.

assembly is easy with clear directions.

require very little babysitting and hold temperature well.

Easy to add chips

The grates are well-made and provide ample spacing from top to bottom

Can be converted to natural gas

The water pan has a large surface area which helps keep the meat moist. 

can hold 6 pork shoulders without a problem


Need constant cleaning to keep it last


Buying Guide

What is a propane smoker?

A propane smoker is a type of smoker that uses propane as its fuel source. Propane smokers are very popular because they’re easy to use and they can reach high temperatures, making them perfect for smoking meats and fish.

How does a propane smoker work?

A propane smoker works by heating a pan of water to create steam. The steam is then forced through a chamber containing wood chips or pellets. As the steam passes through the wood, it picks up the smoky flavor and aroma of the wood. The smoked vapor then passes through the food, flavoring it with a delicious smoky taste.

What are the benefits of using a propane smoker?

There are many benefits to using a propane smoker. Propane smokers are very easy to use, and they can reach high temperatures, which is perfect for smoking meats and fish. Propane smokers also produce less smoke than other types of smokers, so they’re perfect for use in apartments or homes with sensitive smoke alarms.

What are the different types of propane smokers?

There are two main types of propane smokers: vertical and horizontal. Vertical smokers are tall and thin, while horizontal smokers are short and wide. Both types of smokers can be used to smoke meats and fish, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Vertical smokers are typically cheaper than horizontal smokers, but they’re also more difficult to use. Vertical smokers require you to constantly monitor the temperature, as it’s very easy for the food to overcook. Horizontal smokers are easier to use, but they’re more expensive.

Who propane smokers are best suited for?

Propane smokers are great for people who want speed and convenience at an affordable cost. Propane smokers are also perfect for those who want to produce less smoke when smoking meats and fish.

What to look for in a propane smoker?

Stability: Look for a smoker that is stable and won’t tip over easily.

Portability: If you plan on taking your smoker with you on camping trips or tailgating, look for a model that is easy to transport.

Size: Think about how much space you have and how much food you’ll be smoking at one time. Choose a smoker that is the right size for your needs.

Temperature control: Look for a smoker with adjustable temperature control so that you can smoke meats and fish at the perfect temperature.

2-Door Access: Choose a smoker with two doors so that you can easily access the food without letting all the heat and smoke escape.

Temperature ranges:

Most propane smokers can reach temperatures between 200-275 degrees Fahrenheit. Some higher-end models can reach temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Front Loading:

Some propane smokers have a front-loading design, which makes it easier to add wood chips and water.

Adjustable Shelves:

Some smokers have adjustable shelves, which allows you to customize the amount of space for smoking different types of food.



Are propane smokers any good?

Yes, propane smokers are very good. They can reach high temperatures and create that perfect smoky flavor.

How do you use a propane smoker?

To use a propane smoker, you’ll need to set up your smoker according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once your smoker is set up, you’ll need to add wood chips or pellets to the smoking chamber. Then, you’ll need to set the temperature on the smoker and let it preheat for about 30 minutes. Once the smoker is preheated, you can add your food to the smoking chamber and close the door. The food will need to smoke for several hours, so be sure to check on it periodically.


What types of foods can you smoke in a propane smoker?

You can smoke just about any type of food in a propane smoker. Meats and fish are the most popular items to smoke, but you can also smoke veggies, cheeses, and even fruit.

How long does it take to smoke food in a propane smoker?

It depends on the type of food you’re smoking. For meats, you’ll typically need to smoke them for 4-6 hours. For fish, you’ll usually only need to smoke them for 2-3 hours. And for veggies, you can usually get away with smoking them for 1-2 hours.

Can I use a propane smoker indoors?

No, you should not use a propane smoker indoors. Propane smokers produce carbon monoxide, which can be dangerous if used in an enclosed space.

What is the best temperature to smoke food at?

The ideal smoking temperature is between 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit.

How long will a 20lb propane tank last on a smoker?

A 20lb propane tank will typically last for 8-10 hours on a smoker.

What is the difference between a gas smoker and a propane smoker?

The main difference between a gas smoker and a propane smoker is that gas smokers use natural gas or propane gas, while propane smokers use propane. Propane is a more efficient fuel source, so it will typically cost less to operate a propane smoker.

Do you soak wood chips for propane smokers?

No, you should not soak wood chips for a propane smoker. Soaking the wood chips will make them produce less smoke.

Do propane smokers use a lot of gas?

No, propane smokers are very efficient and don’t use a lot of gas.

How often do you add wood chips to a propane smoker?

You’ll need to add wood chips to the smoker every 30-60 minutes.

Is it healthier to cook with charcoal or propane?

There is no definitive answer, as both charcoal and propane have their own benefits and drawbacks. However, propane is generally considered to be the healthier option because it doesn’t produce as many harmful chemicals when burned.

Is smoked meat healthy?

Smoked meat can be healthy if it’s cooked properly. However, it’s important to note that smoked meats are high in sodium and fat, so they should be consumed in moderation.

What is the best wood to smoke with?

The best wood to smoke with depends on your personal preference. Some popular options include hickory, mesquite, and cherry.

What smokers do professionals use?

Many professional smokers use propane smokers because they’re efficient and easy to use. However, there are a variety of smokers that professionals use, so it really depends on the individual’s preference.

Does the shape of a smoker matter?

No, the shape of a smoker does not matter. The only thing that matters is that the smoker is properly insulated so that the heat can be evenly distributed.

What should I look for in a propane smoker?

When choosing a propane smoker, you should look for one that is well-insulated and has a reliable heat source. You should also consider the size of the smoking chamber and the capacity of the propane tank.

How long will a tank of propane last for a smoker?

A tank of propane will typically last for 8-10 hours on a smoker.

How hot does a propane smoker get?

A propane smoker can reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can you use wood chunks in a propane smoker?

Yes, you can use wood chunks in a propane smoker. However, you’ll need to use less wood than you would if you were using wood chips.

What is the best way to clean a propane smoker?

The best way to clean a propane smoker is to remove the racks and brush them down with soapy water. You should also wipe down the inside of the smoking chamber with a damp cloth.

How do you get thin blue smoke out of a propane smoker?

The best way to get thin blue smoke out of a propane smoker is to use dry wood chips and keep the temperature low. You should also make sure that the vent is open so that the smoke can escape.

Are propane smokers easy to use?

Yes, propane smokers are very easy to use. They’re also very efficient, so you won’t have to worry about using a lot of propane.

What are the benefits of smoking with propane?

Propane is a very efficient fuel source, so it will cost less to operate a propane smoker. Propane smokers are also very easy to use, so you’ll be able to get started smoking your food right away.

Can I connect my gas smoker to natural gas?

Yes, you can connect a gas smoker to natural gas. However, you’ll need to have a professional install the proper fittings. You can also try searching for your smoker + gas conversion to see if it will be possible. Some smokers like the Camp Chef have a natural gas conversion kit that you can buy off Amazon.


A propane smoker is a great addition to your cooking arsenal, especially if you enjoy hosting BBQs for friends and family. These smokers can help you have delicious, perfectly cooked meals every time. If you’re looking for the best of the best, be sure to check out our list above. You won’t be disappointed with any of these choices.

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