“Deliciously Tender and Flavorful: Indulge in the Juicy Delights of Grilled Chuck Roast. Elevate your BBQ experience with this mouthwatering meat, expertly seasoned and cooked to perfection. Savor every bite of this succulent roast, guaranteed to leave you craving for more.”

Grilled Chuck Roast

Grilled Chuck Roast

Forget the slow cooker; this grilled chuck roast is bursting with flavor after marinating overnight in a sweet and tangy marinade. The marinade keeps the chuck roast steak moist and juicy while searing on a scorching hot grill to get the beautiful grill marks and charred crust. Then, top it off with a slice of delicious blue cheese compound butter and dig in!

The secret to achieving a tender grilled chuck roast is cooking it over indirect heat. You only want to sear the chuck roast over high heat for a short period. Move the chuck roast to a lower-temperature portion of the grill once you have the sear marks and crust you are looking for.

You can grill this chuck roast using your charcoal kettle grill, propane grill, or pellet grill. I prefer to use my Traeger to help get a bit of smokiness into the meat. Slice up the chuck roast and serve it with some delicious sides like these air fryer green beans with bacon or these grilled potato wedges.

The star in this recipe is the chuck roast steak. You can find a whole chuck roast at your butcher, or they may have chuck roast steaks already cut up for you to purchase. This article from Livestrong shows you how to break down your chuck roast into steaks.

Here is a quick overview of the process so you can grill up the best chuck roast! In addition, there is a printable recipe card below with more detailed steps.

Since we are on the subject of awesome grilled meat, this easy grilled marinated flank steak is another must-have recipe in your repertoire. The marinade is so simple but makes a huge difference! Since flank steak is so thin, it takes on the flavor from the marinade very well, and it helps to tenderize this otherwise tough cut of steak.

This Traeger smoked prime rib is absolutely to die for! It is smoked low and slow, and the fresh herb seasoning forms a delicious crust on the exterior of the prime rib as it cooks to perfection. Slice it up and serve the prime rib with your favorite holiday sides and some gold ole’ horseradish!

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Everyone needs to have at least one grill. The Traeger Pro 780 is perfectly sized to feed a small family or a large crowd. It will get hot enough to sear your steak, and you can quickly turn the heat down to get that delicious smoky flavor! Be sure to grab some pellets! These Traeger Signature Blend pellets are well-rounded for anything that you throw on your Traeger.

I love my trusty ThermoWorks thermometers. I use this handy wireless leave-in thermometer for long cooks and this instant-read thermometer to ensure perfection before removing my food from the grill.

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This recipe is for a chuck roast, not to be confused with a chuck steak. Chuck steaks and chuck roasts come from the same cut of meat, but the chuck steak is thinner and will not need as much time on the grill. Adjust your cook accordingly based on the thickness of your chuck roast or chuck roast steaks.

Grill time will vary based on the thickness of your roast, the temperature of the grill, and your desired doneness. The best way to know when your roast is done cooking is to use a reliable leave-in meat thermometer or an instant-read thermometer.

Our chuck roast steak was 1-1/2 inches thick and was cooked to a medium-rare. It took less than 20 minutes of total grill time. If you use a pellet grill, you may not be able to get the initial sear quite as hot which can extend the cooking time.

Explore different flavors and check out these excellent rubs from Spiceology. The Cowboy Crust and Black & Bleu are some of my favorites.

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This looks delicious, Josh….Nice job on the video!

Made this yesterday for dinner. So easy and delicious. The blue cheese butter compound added the best flavor. You must try this! Serve with with a fresh tossed pear salad perfect easy summer meal

Hey Joan, thank you for the comment! I am happy you enjoyed these recipes. A fresh pear salad sounds delicious!

Welcome to A License To Grill. You will find tasty, easy to follow recipes that have been happily tested in our home before being shared with you.

With almost two decades worth of experience on the grill, my passion is food and outdoor cooking. My hope is that you find your next favorite recipe and create forever memories with loved ones while enjoying it! Cheers!

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Seared crust on the exterior with a juicy interior
The blue cheese compound butter on top adds a sharp and salty flavor
Marinate the chuck roast overnight. Combine all of the ingredients for the marinade in a ziploc bag. Submerge the roast completely and let it soak for maximum flavor.
Sear the chuck roast on both sides to get grill marks and form a crust. Let it rest under a piece of aluminum foil or butcher paper before slicing. There will be carryover cooking while it rests, so pull the chuck roast off the grill 5°F before your desired temperature.
When searing your chuck roast steak, get the grill very hot. We only want to kiss both sides of the steak for a couple minutes to achieve the sear marks. Searing will help to lock in the flavors and juices.
Grill the meat at a lower temeparture after searing. This will help to ensure that the chuck roast remains juicy and tender.
Combine the butter, blue cheese, chives, and pepper in a dish. Mash the butter mixture with a fork.
Transfer the butter mixture to a 12-inch long sheet of plastic wrap or wax paper. Roll the butter into a log and twist the ends of the wrapper.
Chill in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours or until firm.
Combine all the marinade ingredients in a resealable bag. Add the steak and seal the bag. Refrigerate for 4 to 6 hours or overnight.
When the grill is hot, remove th


Why This Recipe Slaps

This grilled chuck roast recipe is a winner because it combines the flavors of a sweet and tangy marinade with the smoky char from the grill, resulting in a burst of flavor. Marinating the chuck roast overnight keeps it moist and juicy, while searing on high heat creates beautiful grill marks and a charred crust.

The secret to achieving a tender chuck roast is cooking it over indirect heat. Searing it over high heat for a short period locks in the flavors and juices, but moving it to a lower-temperature portion of the grill allows for even cooking without drying out the meat.

Whether you use a charcoal kettle grill, propane grill, or pellet grill, this recipe works perfectly. The Traeger pellet grill adds an extra layer of smokiness to the meat. Serve the sliced chuck roast with delicious sides like air fryer green beans with bacon or grilled potato wedges for a complete meal.

The Ingredients

The Ingredients

This grilled chuck roast recipe requires the following ingredients:

  • Chuck roast or chuck roast steaks
  • For the marinade:
    • Soy sauce
    • Brown sugar
    • Dijon mustard
    • Worcestershire sauce
    • Garlic powder
    • Paprika
  • For the blue cheese compound butter:
    • Butter
    • Blue cheese
    • Chives (optional)
    • Freshly ground black pepper (optional)
  • Olive oil, for brushing the meat
  • Salt and pepper, to taste.

Note: The exact quantities of each ingredient can be found in the printable recipe card at the end of this post.

To make this flavorful grilled chuck roast, follow these steps:

Marinating the Chuck Roast:

a. Prepare the marinade:

– In a ziploc bag, combine soy sauce, brown sugar, Dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, and paprika.

– Mix well to ensure all ingredients are evenly combined.

– Submerge the chuck roast completely in the marinade and seal the bag.

– Let it marinate overnight in the refrigerator for maximum flavor.


Grilling the Chuck Roast:

a. Prepare the grill:

– Preheat your grill to high heat for searing, and prepare a lower-temperature portion of the grill for indirect cooking.

b. Sear the chuck roast:

– Remove the chuck roast from the marinade and pat it dry with a paper towel.

– Brush both sides of the meat with olive oil, and season it with salt and pepper.

– Place the roast on the hot grill over direct heat and sear each side for 3 to 4 minutes, or until a brown char forms.

c. Cook over indirect heat:

– Move the seared chuck roast to the lower-temperature portion of the grill (or turn down your pellet grill to medium heat).

– Cover the grill and cook for an additional 10 to 20 minutes, flipping halfway through, until the desired doneness is reached.

Note: The grilling time will vary depending on factors such as thickness of your roast, temperature of the grill, and desired doneness. Use a reliable leave-in meat thermometer or an instant-read thermometer to ensure accurate cooking.


        1. Remove the chuck roast from the grill when it reaches your desired doneness.
        2. Cover it loosely with aluminum foil and let it rest for about 5 minutes to allow the juices to redistribute.
        3. Slice the chuck roast and serve it with slices of blue cheese compound butter on top.
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Enjoy your flavorful and juicy grilled chuck roast!

How to Grill Chuck Roast

To grill a chuck roast, start by marinating the roast overnight in a sweet and tangy marinade. This will help infuse flavor and keep the meat moist and juicy. The next step is to sear the chuck roast on a hot grill to get those beautiful grill marks and a charred crust. It’s important to sear it quickly over high heat and then move it to a lower-temperature portion of the grill to continue cooking.

When grilling a chuck roast, you can use different types of grills such as charcoal kettle, propane, or pellet grills. If you prefer a smoky flavor, using a pellet grill like Traeger can add that extra touch. Once the chuck roast is cooked to your desired doneness, let it rest for a few minutes before slicing.

Serve your grilled chuck roast with delicious sides like air fryer green beans with bacon or grilled potato wedges. The star of this recipe is the chuck roast steak, which can be found as a whole cut at your butcher or already cut into steaks. If you’re interested in cutting your own steaks from a chuck roast, check out Livestrong’s guide on how to break it down.

Tips For Success

Tips For Success

1. Marinate the chuck roast overnight to enhance its flavor and tenderness.

2. Use indirect heat when grilling the chuck roast to ensure it cooks evenly and remains juicy.

3. Sear the chuck roast over high heat for a short period of time to achieve grill marks and a charred crust.

4. Use a meat thermometer to determine the doneness of the chuck roast. Medium-rare is 130°F, medium is 135°F, medium-well is 140°F, and well-done is 145°F to 147°F.

5. Let the chuck roast rest for about 5 minutes after grilling to allow the juices to redistribute throughout the meat.

6. Serve the grilled chuck roast with slices of blue cheese compound butter for added flavor.

7. Experiment with different rubs and seasonings to customize the flavor of your chuck roast.

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We hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do!

Tools and Equipment

Tools and Equipment

To make this grilled chuck roast recipe, you will need the following tools and equipment:

  • Grill (charcoal kettle, propane, or pellet grill)
  • Tongs or spatula for flipping the roast
  • Ziploc bag for marinating the chuck roast
  • Basting brush for brushing oil on the roast
  • Paper towel for patting dry the roast
  • Plastic wrap or wax paper for shaping the blue cheese compound butter
  • Meat thermometer to check the doneness of the roast

In conclusion, grilled chuck roast is a delicious and flavorful choice for meat lovers. Its marbling and tenderness make it perfect for grilling, resulting in a juicy and mouthwatering dish. Whether enjoyed as a main course or used in sandwiches, this cut of beef is sure to satisfy any palate.

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